Generate QR Code for any Salesforce Object in 5 Min

What is a QR Code?
So you may have heard that QR Codes are set to become the ‘next big thing’ but thinking to yourself, what is a QR Code!? QR or Quick Response Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones and dedicated QR reading devices, that link directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers and more! You may have even got to this site by scanning a QR code!

Implement in Salesforce:

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Convert Standard Page Messages in Lightning Design System


We all know about salesforce lightning design system. A very great UI for salesforce VF pages. But we have always some challenges to convert in lightning design system from salesforce classic UI. I have posted about a javascript trick before for convert standard checkbox and radio button to the lightning design system.

In this post, I will introduce a new UI trick using Jquery and CSS. We have standard page messages, so here is a challenge to convert in these messages in salesforce lighting design system.

I have made a small trick with Jquery  and CSS. You just need to copy-paste code on your page and need to call this function in document ready or after on complete of any ajax function(Action Function).

Here is demo code:
Apex Class:

public class ConvertPageMessagesController{
    public ConvertPageMessagesController(){
        ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.FATAL,'Please enter Account name'));
        ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.ERROR,'Please enter Account number'));
        ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.WARNING,'Please enter Account phone'));
        ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.INFO,'Please enter Account site'));
        ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.CONFIRM,'Please enter Account industry'));

VisalForce Page:

<apex:page controller="ConvertPageMessagesController"  >
<script src=""></script>
	<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

.msgIcon {
    display: none!important
.customMessage * {
    color: #fff!important
.customMessage {
    margin: 5px 0!important;
    max-width: 1280px;
    opacity: 1!important;
    width: 100%;
    font-size: 12px;
    border: 0px;
    padding-left: 10px;
.message {
    opacity: .1

    function overridePageMessages(){    
        var textureEffect = '';
        //Uncomment below line for texture effect on page messages
        //textureEffect = 'slds-theme--alert-texture';
        $('.warningM3').addClass('slds-notify slds-notify--toast slds-theme--warning customMessage '+textureEffect);          
        $('.confirmM3').addClass('slds-notify slds-notify--alert slds-theme--success  customMessage '+textureEffect);    
        $('.errorM3').addClass('slds-notify slds-notify--alert slds-theme--error customMessage '+textureEffect);                  
        $('.infoM3').addClass('slds-notify slds-notify--toast customMessage '+textureEffect);    

Call overridePageMessages() on documnet ready or oncomplete of action function(AJAX). Uncomment textureEffect for texture effect on page messages.
Fewer efforts more work. Just try it.

Happy Salesforce!!!

Sforce Chromeee – A Salesforce Theme


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Skype URIs in Salesforce (One Click to Call or Chat on Skype)

In this post, i will put a way to implement Skype URIs in 5 Minute with salesforce. Skype is a popular way to chat or calls. We have lots of contacts on skype and salesforce. How can we open standard skype app on mobile or desktop from salesforce records? Lets have a walk here….. It’s not too long 🙂


What is Skype URIs:

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Salesforce Coding Utility Chrome Extension


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Javascript Framework for Lightning Design System

Salesforce has launched a new UI which is called lightning design system. This is very sharp and neat UI. But salesforce yet not providing any JS framework for SLDS(salesforce lightning design system).

I am facing a problem with JS for SLDS. Are you also facing problems? I found two of JS framework. They both are providing JS for SLDS.

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Impact of Employee’s Mood on Company


Is really Mood of Employees affects performance, growth and environment of the company? I think it does.

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