Skype URIs in Salesforce (One Click to Call or Chat on Skype)

In this post, i will put a way to implement Skype URIs in 5 Minute with salesforce. Skype is a popular way to chat or calls. We have lots of contacts on skype and salesforce. How can we open standard skype app on mobile or desktop from salesforce records? Lets have a walk here….. It’s not too long 🙂


What is Skype URIs:
Skype URIs enable you to create innovative mobile, web, and desktop apps that initiate Skype calls and chats, enabling your users to reach their friends, family and businesses in a convenient yet familiar way. For example, if your salesforce record that contains Skype names, your salesforce record can use a Skype URI to launch the official Skype client and initiate a call or chat to a selected contact.

For a Skype URI to work, a Skype client must be installed on the user’s device, and the user must have an active Skype account. Certification of applications or webpages using Skype URIs is not required, because all interaction—specifically all audio and video—is through the Skype client.

In its simplest form, you can embed a hyperlink referencing a Skype URI in a webpage to place a Skype call. For example, to initiate a call to the Skype Echo / Sound Test Service, the link would be:

Call : <a href=”skype:echo123?call”>Call the Skype Echo</a>
Chat : <a href=”skype:echo123?chat”>Chat the Skype Echo</a>
Video Call : <a href=”skype:echo123?call&amp;video=true”>Video Call the Skype Echo</a>

Clicking the link:
1. Brings the device’s Skype client into focus, starting it as necessary.
2. Effects auto-login or prompts your users for their Skype Name and password.
3. Typically opens a confirmation dialog to authorize placing the call.
4. Places the call(Chat/Video Call).

Implement Skype URIs in salesforce:
I am taking Salesforce Standard Contact Object to implement Skype URIs. Please follow these steps:
1. Click on Setup (Placed at Top Right Corner)
2. Now in the left bar Go Build –> Contact –> Click on Fields
3. Click on New in the section “Contact Custom Fields & Relationships
4. Create text type field with name “Skype ID” and Length can be 30 (Or more).(Complete this wizard of creation)

5. Create a new Formula type field with name “Skype” (Formula return type should be Text)
6. Now you are on Formula Screen. Put following formula here:
HYPERLINK(“skype:”& vish1993__Skype_ID__c & “?chat”, ‘Chat’,’_top’) &” “&
HYPERLINK(“skype:”& vish1993__Skype_ID__c & “?call”, ‘Call’,’_top’) &” “&
HYPERLINK(“skype:”& vish1993__Skype_ID__c & “?call&video=true”, ‘Video Call’,’_top’)
Note: “vish1993__Skype_ID__c” is my skype id field’s Api name. Please see yours.
Complete Your wizard.

Steps to run:
Create or open contact record. Fill required field and Skype ID of this contact. I have created record of Nitin Indora with him Skype ID. Click on Save. You can see formula field with three links. Now you can chat, call and video call with your contact.

Chat Call Video

This is a use case in salesforce classic view. You can also use this fetaure in Salesforce1 app. It more beautifuly works and usefull in mobiles.

Call Chat Video Salesforce1

Happy Salesforce 🙂


7 thoughts on “Skype URIs in Salesforce (One Click to Call or Chat on Skype)

  1. I had modified with my skype id field API name only but still am not able to save the formula.
    It’s showing the syntax error at skype.Can you please suggest what needs to be modified in this formula.


    • Please replace “ to ” . Actually on the blog, ” is shown as “.
      HYPERLINK(“skype:”& vish1993__Skype_ID__c & “?chat”, ‘Chat’,’_top’) &” “&
      HYPERLINK(“skype:”& vish1993__Skype_ID__c & “?call”, ‘Call’,’_top’) &” “&
      HYPERLINK(“skype:”& vish1993__Skype_ID__c & “?call&video=true”, ‘Video Call’,’_top’)


  2. Take care when cutting and pasting the formula. You will probably have to replace all the double and single quotes as the fonts are slightly different. If you get a syntax error – check this first. You may also find that the video call no longer works. Not sure what Skype have done to this but it no longer works.

    I amended this slightly by uploading a couple of small icons (as static resources) and then added them into the formula. It now shows a little chat or call icon next to the link.

    IMAGE(“resource/1454795299000/skype_chat”,”Skype Chat”)+ ” ” + HYPERLINK(“skype:”& Skype_ID__c & “?chat”, ‘Chat’,’_top’) &” “&
    IMAGE(“resource/1454795247000/skype_call”,”Skype Call”)+ ” ” + HYPERLINK(“skype:”& Skype_ID__c & “?call”, ‘Call’,’_top’)

    If you do this your resource/xxxx links will be different. Upload your images as static resources and then click the link to view your new resource (icon) and copy the resource part from the URL to get the correct link.

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    • Thanks for your precious input here. You explained very well and image concept is too good. Video call is working for all of us. Can be the problem with skype. Please try it in another machine.


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