How to Setup MavensMate in Sublime Text


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10 thoughts on “How to Setup MavensMate in Sublime Text

  1. Thanks for the walkthrough, very helpful as a new developer!

    Having trouble with the final steps surrounding creating a new Project? I’ve verified the correct login details but no matter what, I receive an error saying it’s “Unable to read project”. Any advice?


  2. Hi I have installed mm as you described the process. I have set the default browser to chrome. Now it says unable to read the project and u say ok, it opens a editor. Now in the editor, under mavensmate I could only find open project, new project, metadata shows classes and triggers but nothing opens. Please help


  3. Hi Visnu ,
    Thanks a lot for this post and it is very helpful.I am getting one exception in setup as below.

    Can you please help me .
    “mm_workspace” : “D:\/\/sublimetext”,

    I paste like this in mavenmate but getting one exception unable to update maven mate.

    Please help me on this , many thanks in advance.



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