Trailhead Widget: Add/Customize using FLB API

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Force Leader Board Widget:
It’s time to show off. Now add FLB(Force Leader Board) widget to your website and blogs. You can show your badges, points of the trailhead and your certifications in one widget. You are just few minute away to get your widget.

Whats more?
You can create your widget and can use that on your website with some JS and CSS skills. Isn’t it cool..?

How to add?
Copy and paste this code into your website. (Copy Code from here) and put your trailblazer id in below code. (YOUR_TRAILBLAZER_ID)

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Where to get Trailblazer ID:
1. Go to Force Leader Board
2. Click on Join Board. Do Sign in/Sign up.
3. After Sign in/Sign up, You will see your Trailblazer ID here.

Customize Your Widget:
You can customize your FLB widget. You need to clone this Github repo and do changes in Js and CSS file according to your wish. Upload your repo to your GitHub and link your JS file in Code.
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You are building all this with FLB APIs. “More powers in your hands”

Happy Salesforce!!

Introducing Trailhead Force Leader Board API

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Great power comes with great responsibility!!!

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Now its time to take your trailhead and certificate data to your platform. Just a simple API call and you will be with your trailhead data.

How does it work?
You make a call and get the JSON response. Now convert this response to your app, pages, and blogs.

Get your Trailblazer ID:
Go to the Join Board and Sign in/Sign up. You will see Trailblazer ID here.

API Explorer:
Navigate to the APIs tab on Force Leader Board.


1. Trailblazer Profile API Call:
Description: You will get trailblazer profile data using this call with your unique Trailblazer ID.
Method: GET
Response Type: JSON

Sample Call:
“Twitter”: “”,
“Trailhead_URL”: “”,
“Title”: “Senior Salesforce Developer”,
“Rank”: “mountaineer”,
“Profile_Image”: “”,
“Points”: 33925,
“Name”: “Vishnu Kumar”,
“Linkedin”: “”,
“Facebook”: “”,
“Certifications”: 2,
“Certification_URL”: “”,
“Badges”: 33

More are coming…

Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board – ForceLeaderBoard (Unofficial)

Force Leader Board – Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board

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Here it comes
It’s time to show your trailhead badges and certifications in on place.


Home: You can see top 5 trailblazers basis on the badges, points, and number of certifications.

Trailblazers Board: This shows top 1000 trailblazers. Here you can sort by Badges, Points and the total number of certifications.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.38.45 PM.png

How to Join this board?
1. Go to
2. Then click on Join Board tab.
3. Put your email address and password. (No worries, I don’t spam you.) This single screen allows you to join or log in.
4. Now click on SignIn/SignUp button.

Welcome to the Trailhead and Certification board!!!!

How to add trailhead profile?
My code needs your trailhead profile link. If you know that then please copy and paste that into Trailhead Profile URL box. (This is a must. otherwise, your profile doesn’t come in leaderboard)

If you don’t know the profile URL then:
1. Go to Trailhead and log in here.
2. Click on your profile picture (Top-right corner)
3. Now go to the Profile
4. Copy the URL and paste it into Trailhead Profile URL box. (Ex:

Note: Your profile should not be private.

How to add Salesforce Certifications?
1. Go to
2. Search for your name/email.
3. Then click on View Certification button.
4. Now Click on Print View button.
5. Copy URL and paste it into Certification URL box. (Ex:

If you want to add social links then please copy and paste full URL of your social profile.(Ex:

Hit the Update button. It will fetch current trailhead and certification data to the leaderboard.

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Refresh Time: My code refreshes the database in every 3-4 hours. But you can refresh immediately using below steps:
1. Login to the board.
2. Click on Update button in your profile.

I am not selling your data to anyone. You are free to join the board. 🙂

Help & Support:
Your feedback can make this board more awesome. Please don’t hesitate to email me with feedback, bug report, forgot password/username.

Request: Please share it with your awesome trailblazers.

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India DreamIn17 Presentation/Code – Salesforce Einstein Vision Implementation

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Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


AI Buddy – An Einstein Assistant


AI Buddy is Salesforce Manage Package App. AI Buddy is a friend of Einstein. It allows you to work with Einstein in admin style. You need to just click and go. Start building your AI system with Einstein in an easy way without coding.

AI Buddy will save your time and money for sure.  The app allows you to be an expert in Einstein AI in fewer efforts. You can start working on Einstein almost without coding.


What makes AI Buddy special for Einstein. Why is AI Buddy friend of Einstein?

1. Create Dataset in easy steps with just passing the Dataset URLs.
2. Start training of your Models with just one click.
3. Get Training Status and setting in AI Buddy
4. Test your Models on AI Buddy
4. See API Usage
5. Saves your time and Money
6. A person without coding knowledge can start building Einstein AI Models.

Be the champ of Einstein AI with AI Buddy.

Check All About AI Buddy here…

If you are installing then please follow the AI Buddy blog for latest updated releases.

More updates are coming…